Thank you for your support in helping me build Facebook groups dedicated to home-based business opportunities.
I have been asked numerous times by my Facebook group members what opportunity I belong to. The truth is that I am not involved in any business opportunity because I have been busy for the last 2 years building my own system.
And I have decided to offer my Facebook group members the opportunity to partner with me in helping me launch this system.
I will only be accepting partners that: are willing to work hard, must work as a team, must live within the US, and must have some kind of skills in a particular field. (Making YouTube videos, designing banners, good writing skills, etc.)
Please keep in mind that I am not asking you to join my opportunity. What I am asking is for you to partner with me in finishing and launching this opportunity.
I will only limit this opportunity to my Facebook group members and to only 50 people. If you are interested, please contact me by personal message and let me know how you can help the team launch this opportunity.

Tanis Zamora

Founder & Creator, Copy Paste Earn


* Please Note: This opportunity is 80% finished. This is only so you can get an idea of what the opportunity offers. All links will be functional when we launch.
* No email required to view the opportunity.


Here Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions That We Receive From Our Members

By becoming a partner in launching this opportunity, you will secure your position(s) (before everyone else) in the opportunities mentioned in this system.

Ensuring that you know what the system is all about so you can help new members (once it launches) promote this system. You can also help in creating banners, making YouTube videos, etc.

We would much rather you concentrate on one opportunity in order to increase your chances of success. It will not be fair for us nor for the other opportunity if you are too busy managing two opportunities.

At this time there is no official launch date, but we are estimating launching in a few months.

Yes, if you just want to join the opportunity as a member when we launch all you have to do is follow the’s Facebook page. That is where we will announce the official launch. 

Absolutely not. This is a free opportunity. The only fee(s) that you would have to pay is when we officially launch. The fees are to join the opportunities in our system. Our system will always be free of charge.

Unfortunately no. There are no opportunities in the network marketing field that can guarantee success. It is not ethical and it also goes against FTC rules.

The members will be required to bring in traffic by posting their unique URL in Facebook groups, social media profiles, etc. We are working on bringing traffic by building blogs such as:, and the’s blog. All 50 of our Facebook groups will also be advertising this system.

No, we are only accepting 50 people from our Facebook groups who specialize in a certain field such as creating banners, creating blogs, making YouTube videos, etc.

We will communicate via our private Facebook group. If you are selected to become a partner, you will receive an invitation.